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Why Dublin Rocks and Minerals? It started with a vision of peace.

For six years, Abdul Qadir had to be brave and learn how to survive in a war zone. As a combat interpreter and cultural advisor with the US Army Specials Force and US Marine in his native Afghanistan, Qadir lived daily through the most dangerous parts of his country. Qadir started his military career because he decided against going to University when he saw a need for linguistic personnel to help between the U.S. and Afghan. Qadir survived gunfire and ambushes. Amid the danger, Qadir looked around and saw the splendor of the Afghanistan mountains. “I saw the mountains up close and at all times of the day,” Qadir shared, “and no matter when I saw them, they were filled with colors and beauty.”

Beautiful rocks that calm you in a war zone stay with you, so Qadir and business partner Jamil Seddiqi decided the world should see museum-quality rocks starting in Columbus. The business partners opened Dublin Rocks and Minerals during the pandemic. Seddiqi and Qadir shopped at gem shows worldwide to find museum-quality crystals, gemstones, and rocks for their customers (including but certainly not limited to watermelon tourmaline, aquamarine, rare quartz , and ametrine.) In two years, Dublin Rocks and Minerals has grown into the largest Crystal Rock Shop in Columbus, offering gemstones in all shapes, sizes, and colors, including the always beautiful aquamarine. So let’s talk about a variety; when we do, we talk about over 200 rocks, minerals. Yes, over 200 rocks and minerals.

When you shop mineral shows around the world and present 200 rocks and minerals to customers, and become the largest shop in the 14th largest City in the United States, chances are there is something for everyone. In addition to first-rate minerals, crystals Dublin Rocks & Minerals offers handcrafted jewelry, sets, slabs, towers, unique carvings, palm stones, and shapes.

Only the most beautiful and unique pieces make it into the collection. Dublin Rocks & Minerals is confident that anything you purchase from the store will bring happiness, beauty, and peace to your world (200 times over.) Speaking of 200 times over, Jamil and Abdul are at the store to discuss the crystals, should you have questions. With passion from the past and joy about the future, Dublin Rocks & Mineral is ready for customers to enjoy the journey that brought them from Afghanistan to Columbus with beautiful crystals in tow.

Article published by Columbus Dispatch

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