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Healing Crystals for Each Phase of the Moon

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If you’re someone who is spiritual, you probably know that the Moon is not just a big floating rock in the sky, but one of the most powerful beings to work with. Each phase of the Moon can help heal or manifest specific desires into your life. Along with this, the moon’s energy is also tied to that of many crystals, and its light can cleanse, purify, and charge any crystal you own. There is not one single way to use the moon’s energy, but listed below is one way to start using each of the phases to your advantage. Here is your complete guide to the Moon phases, some of the best crystals that correspond with each of the phases, and what action to take during each phase!

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New Moon: fresh starts

The new moon is the phase where no part of the moon is illuminated. Like the name suggests, this is a time for a new phase in life, fresh starts, and clean slates. You can make moon water or charge your crystals with the intention of starting fresh or manifesting something new. Other activities to do during the new moon include– but are not limited to– cleaning your house or room, rearranging some furniture, or creating a list of goals for this moon cycle. One crystal that can help you start anew is Rainbow Moonstone, otherwise known as “the stone of new beginnings”. This stone can help the user reflect inward and let go of situations, behaviors, or people not serving them. Pair this crystal with Sunstone and it will help the user gain inner confidence and inspire them to move forward.

Waxing Crescent: making plans and creations

The waxing crescent is the moon phase where less than half of the right side of the moon is illuminated in a crescent shape. As the moon grows, so do we, so this is a phase to start making plans of what to manifest and goals you want to reach at the end of the cycle. You can start to manifest during this time, but this phase is mostly a time to make sure to build up self awareness and confidence within yourself to carry out your goals. Without confidence or being sure of what you really want, your manifestations will take longer to come to fruition. Rose quartz is the stone of self confidence so this crystal will allow you to reflect and gain inner confidence in order to create suitable goals for the rest of the cycle.

First Quarter: manifesting and taking action

The first quarter phase is when only the right half of the moon is illuminated. This is the phase to start manifesting if you haven’t already. You can do this by meditating, journaling, or performing any rituals you already have in mind. If you decided to manifest before the first quarter, this is the time to take action toward your manifestations coming true. If you take the backseat while trying to manifest, your manifestations will not flow to you easily. You must take steps toward your desires and goals, and take control of your own future. Citrine is a very powerful stone that promotes confidence, luck, and happiness. Not only are these three traits essential for manifesting, but Citrine is known for being the stone of manifestation. This crystal will help accelerate the speed in which your desires come to you.

Waxing Gibbous: growing and developing goals

The waxing gibbous is the phase of the moon where over half of the right side is illuminated, but not quite yet full. This is the phase of the moon where you will most likely be growing and seeing progress toward your goals. You can also manifest during this time because as the moon grows bigger the energy for manifesting also grows. Even though the moon carries the same amount of energy for each of the phases, the best time to manifest is while it is waxing. Flower agate is the perfect crystal to use during this moon phase. This crystal helps its users to grow their passion, enthusiasm, and confidence. Along with this, flower agate enables its owner to grow into their fullest potential and inspires them to manifest their dreams.

Full Moon: gratitude

The full moon is exactly what it sounds like: it is the phase where all of the moon is illuminated. This is the time where most people see their manifestations come to fruition. However, if you are not seeing your manifestations come into your life, don’t be discouraged! Different goals and desires will take different amounts of time, and being upset will only delay the process. The full moon is about expressing gratitude for meeting goals, manifestations coming to fruition, or general things in life that are going well. One way to do this is to make a list of everything you are grateful for, big or small. Clear quartz is a great stone to work with during this time, because it will cleanse your space and amplify your power. It is known as the master healer, meaning it can be used to manifest, cleanse, or amplify anything you want. Its uses are endless, making this the perfect stone to work with especially during the full moon.

Waning Gibbous: breaking habits

The waning gibbous is the phase directly after the full moon, where most of the left side is illuminated, but not all the way. If the waxing phases focus on manifesting and goal setting, the waning phases focus on letting go of situations, behaviors, or people who no longer serve you. The waning gibbous phase focuses specifically on breaking bad habits. Amethyst is a great and very versatile stone that has a calming, protective energy. Amethyst is a great stone to work with while trying to deal with depression or anxiety. Many people find it to help decrease stress, so using this stone will allow you to be in a headspace where you are ready for change. It specifically promotes sobriety, so if addiction is something you struggle with, it can help a lot to break the cycle!

Last Quarter: cleansing people and spaces

The last quarter phase of the moon is when exactly half of the left side is illuminated. This is a time for cleansing your space. This phase is also good for ridding yourself of negative thought patterns or behaviors. You can do this by lighting incense or sage, music or sounds, or, our personal favorite, using crystals! Black tourmaline is especially good for dispelling negative energy around you, making this a great stone to work with through the last quarter moon phase. It has a grounding energy which is useful for clearing the mind and thinking about what exactly needs to change in your life. This stone will keep you down to earth as well as protecting you from bad energy in your life.

Waning Crescent: self reflection and healing

The waning crescent is the last moon phase before another new moon. This is when only a small portion of the left side of the moon is illuminated in a crescent shape. The waning crescent phase is good for emotional and physical healing as well as reflecting on oneself and realizing what we can do better. You can practice this through activities such as mediation, self care nights, or journaling. Bloodstone is one of the best stones you can use for healing physical ailments. It also has a strong connection with the root chakra, so this stone can help ground your emotions and increase self esteem. After using bloodstone, many people feel renewed and ready to take on life, so this is the perfect crystal to use right before the new moon.

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