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Crystal Shapes and Meanings

Here at Dublin Rocks and Minerals, we sell many different shapes and sizes of crystals. The power of the crystal is not determined by shape or size, but each shape does have its own meaning and its own way of distributing energy to the user. It is important to know which shapes will be most useful for a certain situation or meditation practice so you can use the crystal you have to its fullest potential. Here’s a list I made of our most common crystal shapes, what they mean, and how to use them!


A sphere crystal is a polished crystal in a spherical shape. This shape emits its energy from all sides in a calm, even manner. This shape is best used for meditation. You can do this by holding it in the palm of your hand, sitting in front of it, or meditating with it on your lap. If you prefer to lay down while meditating, setting it on your solar plexus or other chakras would also be beneficial.


A crystal point, or tower, is the shape of a crystal that typically either has four, six, or eight sides with a pointed tip at the top. This kind of crystal radiates its energy up through the top and out to the world. Since this is a very concentrated energy, this shape of crystal is best used for spellwork, manifestation, rituals, or other spiritual practices. You can do this by keeping it near you as you perform your practice or incorporating it into the practice in any way you can.


A cluster is a raw form of crystal that has many points pointing in many different directions. This stone radiates its energy through any and all points, so its energy is often distributed in all different directions. Because of its many points of all sizes, this kind of crystal tends to have very powerful cleansing energy. You can use this stone to cleanse a room of any negative energy or charge a room or crystal to draw positive energy in.


An egg is a spherical shaped crystal with an elongated side, resembling– you guessed it– an egg. This shape radiates its energy much like a sphere, but instead of an evenly distributed energy on all sides, more energy is focused at the top of the egg. This balanced energy can be used for meditation just like a sphere. While it can be used for mediation, an egg will help most with healing the body or mind. You can use it by setting it near you when you need it most or by holding it in times of distress.


Raw crystals tend to be the most natural form of the stone itself. This shape is typically uneven and jagged, but some do have small points. No raw stone is the same, so each stone will distribute its energy a little bit differently. Because of the stone’s uneven shape, the energy is emitted strongly yet sporadically. This shape is best used to provide moments of clarity throughout the day. You can also carry crystals shaped this way to draw in positive energy.


A tumbled stone is a smooth stone which typically has an irregular shape. These stones are similar to spheres in the way that they emit even energy on all sides. However, unlike spheres, these stones tend to radiate a softer, more mild, energy. You can use these stones for everyday activities, as they will ground you and keep you calm. These stones are also great for meditation, holding them or putting them on any of your chakras will allow them to keep your energy stable while meditating.

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