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Back-to-School Crystal Essentials

Updated: Feb 5

July has come and gone, and now it is August! As summer flies by, the school year is rapidly approaching, to many people’s disappointment. Though school can be a main stressor for students and teachers, the new school year can also bring about new beginnings and much needed changes for anybody. Here are some of the best crystals to keep with you for transitions and change as you start class again!

Malachite for seamless transition

Malachite is nicknamed “the stone of transformation”, and for a very good reason! This stone is connected with both the heart and solar plexus chakras. Malachite amplifies the energies of anything around it, positive or negative. While it does this, it also draws in more positive energy for its user and pushes the negative energy out. If you are in need of some emotional healing, Malachite can also help heal heartache and hurt for its user because of its connection to the heart chakra. Malachite also promotes self-transformation, so you can be your best self for the start of the school year.

Fluorite for focus

If you’ve been known to struggle in school, Fluorite is going to be your best friend! Fluorite is connected with the third eye chakra, which is responsible for your intuition. This crystal promotes mental clarity and focus, which is essential for school. While Fluorite helps us organize our thoughts, it also promotes decision-making and helps its user to retain more information. School can be very stressful for many, but Fluorite also helps to clear negative energy so we can have a positive attitude and clear mind for when the school year starts.

Carnelian for motivation

Carnelian is a highly energetic stone connected with the sacral chakra which is the center of creativity, sexuality, and confidence in the body. This stone increases vitality and motivation for its user, which is a struggle for many when it comes to education. Carnelian is also known to bring out the creativity and hidden talents within us. It is also a stone useful for increasing self-confidence and willpower. Carnelian can bring success to its user through its energetic, motivational, and creative vibrations, making it a must-have for the first day of class.

Goldstone for energy

Gold Sandstone, or Goldstone, is a manmade stone connected with the lower chakras of the body, the root and sacral chakras. It is known as the stone of ambition, as it is known to increase energy and drive for the user. It also instills a positive attitude and increases confidence as its uplifting energy is extremely contagious. For those with early classes who also struggle to get up in the morning, Goldstone might just be the stone for you! It brings restored vitality and energy to the user in order for them to get started and ready for a productive day.

Labradorite for self-transformation

Labradorite, like Malachite, is a stone best used for self-transformation. It has a connection with all chakras, so it is very versatile in its use. This stone is used for creating protection against negative energy during a change in life, such as a new school year. Labradorite is also known to subdue the negative energy already within its user and produce mental clarity. It is commonly used for spiritual transformation, but can also be used for everyday life. It grows its user’s sense of worth and inner strength. This energy is used mostly for life transitions, so whether you are going off to college or just starting high school, Labradorite is a must-have.

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