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Cynthia Neubert

Cynthia has extensive training in all levels of Reiki, along with crystals, sound therapy and essential oils to open and balance the chakras. She has attended numerous holistic treatment classes in Sedona, Arizona and thoughtfully applies those useful skills in her healing treatments. Cynthia has a unique healing approach, she believes through extensive discussion and getting to the root cause of ones life decisions is truly the starting point in the healing process.

The signature service at Kenchuto Healing - the Transformative Walk In Nature, Reiki & Crystal Healing and Access Bars Session - is a truly unique experience. Additionally, Cynthia designed a beautiful and natural energy healing treatment using plants and forages bark, leaves, nuts and flowers from the wooded area around Kenchuto Healing to use in the session. Her long history of wanting to help others heal comes from an extensive background in healthcare and being a mentor for many years with Dress for Success. With all things in life, having an open mind will allow the body's energy centers to receive, balance, align and heal.

• Reiki I, II and Master Certification, Holistic Wellness Careers. The Reiki Center.
• Access Bars Consciousness Practitioner Certification, The Reiki Center.
•Reflexology, Ayurvedic Facelift, Indian Head Massage training and certification, Holistic Wellness Careers.
• Owner, Kenchuto Healing
• Degree in Healthcare Administration, The Ohio State University
• COO and Co-Founder of My Psychiatric Partner, LLC
• Mentor, Dress for Success

Cynthia Neubert

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