After an 11-year journey of self-mastery and working diligently to self-heal her own traumatic past, she not only successfully made herself Whole again, but in the process, became an expert on healing trauma on a soul-level. Now Jhéani’s passion is to share her wisdom with the world and to support other soulful women (and men!) in alchemizing their own traumas (whether it be childhood, familial, relational, or financial) so they can free themselves from the pain of their past and live healthy, happy, soul-fulfilling lives! 


Jhéani facilitates a specific process that combines several modalities like NLP, EMDR, Hypnosis, Internal Family Systems (aka “parts work”), Somatic Experiencing and Inner Child work to tap into the subconscious mind and transform ANY traumatic, painful or unwanted experience into a positive and replacing them with the positive feelings you want instead— making you a vibrational match to your desires. Doing this “soul work” is great for anyone who has known or suspected trauma, but also for people who are having relationship struggles, haunting thoughts/memories, limiting beliefs, unwanted patterns, chronic anxiety, buried emotional pain, or abundance blocks in their finances! 


It has been said that a session with Jhéani is a “quantum leap” into your destiny because she is a true spiritual catalyst. Her unique approach allows you to not only experience deep inner healing, peace of mind, and true WHOLENESS within like you never knew was possible, but also initiates you into the next level of your spiritual journey. When Jhéani isn’t writing songs, taking voice lessons or recording new Ariana Grande covers, you can find her diving deep into the topics of psychology, CPTSD, nervous system work, boundaries, conscious relating, metaphysics, and feminine embodiment. 


Along with being a Soul Coach and a Healer, Jhéani also loves to share her spiritual and mystical insights on her podcast, “The Pretty Soul Podcast,” and in 1:1 sessions with her clients. 


If you’re a spiritual seeker who is ready to connect DEEPLY with your Soul, heal your emotional wounds and childhood traumas, and transcend what’s been holding you back from having the life of your dreams, book a healing session with Jhéani today— your soul will thank you for it! 


For more information on Jhéani, her healing sessions, and her podcast, visit her website here: